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Victor Jinga

First Head of Department:
Victor V. Jinga MD, Ph.D.
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Major positions and appointments

  • Senior investigator; member of the Scientific Council of IBPC “Nicolae Simionescu”
  • Member in the Council of the Romanian Society for the Cell Biology
  • Fellow, Fulbright Fellowship, University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Former Deputy Director of ICBP “Nicolae Simionescu” (1990-2012)
  • Member of the Implementation Unit of “CARDIOPRO” project


  • “Emil Racovita” Prize of the Romanian Academy (1991).




Alexandrina Burlacu, Ph.D., Head, Group leader
Irina Titorencu, Ph.D., Group leader
Horia Maniu, Ph.D., Group leader
Ana-Maria Rosca, Ph.D. 
Mihai Bogdan Preda, Ph.D.
Vasile Pruna, Ph.D.
Cristina Maria Corotchi, M.Sc.
Mirel Adrian Popa, M.Sc.
Constanta Stan, technical assistant
Roxana Vladulescu, technical assistant










Alexandrina Burlacu


Alexandrina Burlacu, Ph.D.
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LABORATORY: Cell and Tissue Engineering


Ana-Maria Rosca, Ph.D.

Vasile Pruna, Ph.D.

Raluca Tutuianu, Ph.D. student

Constanta Stan, technical assistant
Roxana Vladulescu, technical assistant

Ana Magdalena Maiovschi, technical assistant

Major research interest of the laboratory

In vitro models as an alternative to animal models:

  • isolation and characterization of pure cell lines, transendothelial transport, angiogenesis.
  • differentiation of mesenchymal stromal progenitor cells from human bone marrow into osteoprogenitor cells –osteoblasts; their use as cellular therapy in bone repair deficiencies.
  • biological evaluation of materials used in orthopaedic pathology

New equipment acquired from CARDIOPRO project:

Inverted research microscope (bright field, phase contrast, interferential contrast, fluorescence microscopy for qualitative and quantitative estimation).

Current collaborations


  • University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Group for Advanced Biomaterials Research, Sofia, Bulgaria


  • University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology, Department of Biochemistry
  • Polytechnics University of Bucharest
  • Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania
  • National Institute for Optoelectronics, Bucharest, Romania
  • INCDTP – Leather and Footwear Research Institute Division, Collagen Department, Bucharest Romania
  • Faculty of Physics and Institute of Interdisciplinary Research in Bio-Nano-Science, “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • ICECHIM – Bucharest Romania
  • Emergency University Hospital Bucharest, Department of Orthopedics and TraumatologyII, Romania

Participation to-, and grants awarded by competition:

  • international -1
  • national - 5


Irina Titorencu 

Group leader:
Irina Titorencu, Ph.D.
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Major research interest of the laboratory

·         Functional improvement of infarcted heart using combinatorial approaches of stem cells therapy

·         Signaling pathways mediating the cellular cross-talk in infarcted myocardium after stem cell transplantation

·         Treatment of diabetic autoimmunity by using mesenchymal stem cells as therapeutic tools for immunomodulation and specific abolition of pathogenic T cells


Lab team                                                           

Mihai Bogdan Preda, Postdoctoral fellow


Sinziana Popescu, PhD Student

Cristina Mihai, PhD Student

Mirel Popa, PhD Student

Mihaela Lupan, MD Student


Constanta Stan, technical assistant
Roxana Vladulescu, technical assistant



Cell culture expertise

- derivation of cell lines: mesenchymal stem cells (human and mouse), endothelial progenitor cells (human and mouse), rat neonatal cardiomyocytes, mouse embryonic stem cells (ESC), etc

- in vitro ischemia models;cell-cell interactions; xCELLigence analysis; biocompatibility assays

- 3D culture systems (aggregates, co-cultures, hanging-drops)


Experimental modelling

- mouse model of myocardial infarction (by permanent ligation of the left coronary artery)

- mouse model of cardiac ischemia-reperfusion, which is able to generate infarct with variable size, according to the length of ischemia period

- mouse model of hind limb ischemia


Imaging analysis

- Microscopy: Confocal microscope (Leica TCS-SP5), Inverted microscope (Nikon TiE)

- Ecocardiography (VEVO 2100, Visualsonics)

- In vivo imaging (IVIS Spectrum, Perkin Elmer)

- Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (MoFlo Astrios, Beckman Coulter)


Molecular biology assays: cloning, transfection, qRT-PCR, PCR.



·         Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway (Prof. Guro Valen and Prof. Jan Øivind Moskaug)

·         University of Aachen (IMCAR), Germany (Elisa Liehn, MD, PhD)

·         Indiana University, USA (Mircea Ivan, MD, PhD, Associate Professor)

·         University Emergency Hospital Bucharest, Romania (Radu Eugen, MD, PhD, Molimagex Core Research Facilities)

·         Institute for Non-ferrous and Rare Metals, Pantelimon, Romania (Roxana Piticescu, PhD)

·         University Emergency Hospital Bucharest, Romania (Prof. Liliana Voinea, MD)

·         National Institute of Research Development „Victor Babes”, Romania (Valeriu Cismasiu, PhD)

·         Institute of Biochemistry, Bucharest, Romania (Stefan Szedlacsek, PhD)


Ongoing projects

·         Transnational Research Projects on Cardiovascular Diseases, 2016-2019, EXPERT (Eur 200,000)

·         Improve institutional competitiveness in the field of type 1 diabetes by developing an innovative concept of immunotherapy based on mesenchymal stromal cells, 2016-2020, DIABETER (Eur 2,000,000)

·         Ischemic tissue engineering by combinatorial transplant: piecing together the puzzle to gain mutual benefits for graft survival and host tissue repair, 2015-2017, COMTISM (Eur 120,000)

·         Novel orbital implant with high biocompatibility and proliferation rate, 2015-2017, ORBIMPLANT (Eur 45,000)


Alexandrina Burlacu

Group Leader:
Alexandrina Burlacu, Ph.D.
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Major positions and appointments:

  • Principal Investigator on HLA and Forensic Medicine Laboratory, Kassel, Germany
  • Accredited Scientist for Research Laboratories on the Central Department for Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Control, Health Ministry, Bonn, Germany
  • Scientific researcher I, and Member in the Scientific Council of ICBP- “Nicolae Simionescu”

Major research interests of the group

  • Stem cell biology: isolation, characterization, and differentiation of stem cell lines from human adult bone marrow and human fetal placental tissues: umbilical cord blood, Wharton’s jelly, and amniotic fluid.
  • Tissue engineering: ex vivo models of human fetal vascular tissues slices and stem cells sorting using flow cytometry methods for vascular therapy using fetal cell tissue co-cultures.
  • Bioarchive: cryopreservation and revitalization of fetal and adult stem cells for research and clinical application, Flow Cytometry technology and statistical analysis.
  • 3 D Bioprinting.



Florin Iordache, Ph.D.

Dorin Alexandru, Ph.D.



  • 3-Laser GALLIOS-Cytometer (Beckman Coulter) for detection and acquisition of (10+2 combined multi-fluorescent) cells of different origins
  • Chemwell, Cryotank MVE, Euro-CYL-N2 storage tanks, Brunswick Galaxy CO2 incubator, cell counter, etc. for the new Bioarchivation Core laboratory Unit to be used by all the researchers.

Current collaborations

  • Prof. Konrad Brockmeier, MD, Head - Pediatric Cardiology, University of Cologne, Germany.
  • Prof. Irinel Popescu, MD, Head of the General Surgery and Liver Transplantation Centre, Fundeni Clinical Institute Bucharest
  • Prof. Daniel Coriu, MD, Head of the Department of Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Centre, Fundeni Clinical Institute, Bucharest

Participation to-, and grants awarded by competition

  • 6 national and 5 international projects (2006 - 2018)

Horia Maniu

Group leader:
Horia Maniu, Ph.D.
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