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Proteomics Department

Mass Spectrometry

Felicia Antohe, Ph.D., Head
Luminita (Radulescu) Ivan, Ph.D.
Elena (Puchianu) Uyy, Ph.D. 
Raluca (Haraba) Boteanu, Ph.D. 
Viorel Suica, Ph.D.
Mariana Pascu, technical assistant

     Raluca   Mariana     Felicia    Luminita     Elena          Viorel

Major position/appointments and professional training:

  • Member of the Scientific Council
  • Ph.D. Coordinator; Advisor for Graduate and Master Programs
  • Research fellow: • McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
  • Visiting scientist: • University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada; Max Planck Institute,
  • Bad Nauheim, Germany; University of Texas, Dallas, USA; • Molecular Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany; Université René Descartes, Paris V, France; L’Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille I, France.
  • Expert Evaluator/Reporter: • EC Framework; Ministry of Education and Research (MER); National Council of Research and High Education: National Framework for Research, Development and Innovation; Invited peer reviewer for international journals.
  • President of the Commission of MER for high academic degre• es (2006-2011).

Major Research Interest of the laboratory

  • Proteomic of vascular cells in health and disease (atherosclerosis, diabetes, immune disorders);
  • Membrane microdomains (lipid rafts, plasmalemal vesicles, caveolae): structural and functional characterization;
  • Transport of macromolecules in vascular cells: cell receptors, transcytosis, endocytosis.

Felicia Antohe 

Felicia Antohe, Ph.D.
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Despite the progress of medical sciences of the past 30 years, many disorders of the cardiovascular system remain unsolved. The need for early recognition of the warning signs of particular diseases, cellular dysfunction and systemic inflammation translated by early biomarkers would be the real support for prevention, diagnosis and adequate strategies for treatment that can selectively target the cellular and molecular mediators. The focus will be directed toward the rapid transfer of proteomics research data generated with the top mass spectrometry technology to clinical practice for the benefit of human patients.

Current collaborations


  • The Luxemburg Clinical Proteomics Center (LCP)
  • Proteomics and Metabolomics Scientific - ThermoFisher


  • National Institute of Endocrinology “C.I.Parhon”
  • Fundeni Clinical Institute
  • Virusology Institute “Stefan S. Nicolau”
  • Oncology Institute “Alexandru - Trestioreanu”
  • Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian - Academy
  • National Institute for Research and - Development of Materials Physics
  • National Institute for Research and - Development of Physics of Laser, Plasma and Radiation
  • Agilrom Scientific SRL

Participation to-, and grants awarded by competition (1979-2012): 50


  • Romanian Academy “Emil Racovita” Prize, 1991 (Antohe F.)
  • EURESCO Prize of the Euresco Conferences, Membrane Dynamics in Endocytosis-Molecular Regulation, Tomar, Portugal, 2001 (Antohe F.)
  • BIO-RAD Laboratories Prize for valuable research, 2002 (Radulescu L and Antohe F.)
  • 3rd Award of the International Congress of Medical Sciences, Bulgary, 2003 (Cojocaru VM. and Antohe F.)
  • Summer School Fellowship: Soft Condensed Matter Physics in Molecular and Cell Biology, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 2004 (Puchianu E.)
  • Best National Congress of Internal Medicine scientific paper 2008, Romanian Society for Internal Medicine (Cojocaru VM. and Antohe F.).
  • Ion Moraru Award for Basic Immunology 2004“Immnunodetection of caveolin-1 in membrane pulmonary fractions in diabetic mose”, A 34-a National Immunology Conference, Bucharest, Romania (Puchianu E., Radulescu L., Popov D., Antohe F.).
  • Best Poster of the Conference: “8th International Conference, Vascular Endothelium: Translating Discoveries into Public Health Practice”, 2005, Knossos Royal Village, Greece, (Radulescu L., Stancu C., Antohe F).
  • COST STSM 2008, in Proteomic analysis of lipid rafts in normal and hyperlipidemic condition. Host: Juergen Eckel, Instritute of Clinical Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry, Duesseldorf, Germany (Viorel-Iulian Suica PhD student, Felicia Antohe PhD coordinator).
  • 3rd Award for poster presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Society for Cellular Biology. (Viorel Suica, Luminita Ivan, Elena Uyy, Raluca Haraba, Felicia Antohe . Bistrita 2009).
  • 3rd Award for poster presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Romanian Society for Cellular Biology. (Raluca Haraba, Viorel Suic─â, Elena Uyy, Luminita Ivan, Felicia Antohe. Constanta 2010).
  • Scientific Achivements Journal Article Award of Ministry for Education and Research. (Elena Uyy, F. Antohe, L. Ivan, R. Haraba, D. L. Radu, M. Simionescu. 2010).
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