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Toma L., Sanda G.M., Raileanu M., Stancu C.S., Niculescu L.S., Sima A.V. Ninjurin-1 upregulated by TNFα receptor 1 stimulates monocyte adhesion to human TNFα-activated endothelial cells; benefic effects of amlodipine. Life Sci. 249:117518, 2020; doi.org/10.1016/j.lfs.2020.117518 (IF 3.448, Q2)


Invited talks at international conferences

Teodora Barbălată. Analysis of long non-coding RNAs (LIPCAR) distribution in human blood compartments. Comunicare orală la EU-CARDIORNA 8th MC AND WG Meeting of COST Action CA17129 Catalysing transcriptomics research in cardiovascular disease”, 25-27 May 2022, Pavia (Italia)

Loredan S. Niculescu. Epigenetic biomarkers for peripheral artery disease. The 38th Annual Scientific Session of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, “From basic cell biology to personalized medicine during Covid-19 pandemic; creativity and vision in a rapidly changing world”, Virtual event, 4-6 November, 2021.

Teodora Barbălată, Oriana E. Moraru, Loredan S. Niculescu, Camelia S. Stancu, Maya Simionescu, Anca V. Sima. A panel of miRNAs and inflammatory markers are associated with hyperglycemia in peripheral artery diseases patients. Oral communication at CardioRNA Live! Meeting of CardioRNA COST Action CA17129 “Catalysing transcriptomics research in cardiovascular disease”, 7-10 September 2020.

Camelia S. Stancu, Loredan S. Niculescu, Doina R. Dimulescu, Anca V. Sima, Maya Simionescu. HDL disfuncțional - biomarker predictiv la pacienții cu boala coronariană. Prezentare orală la Al IX-lea Congres Bolile Cronice Netransmisibile, Bucureşti, 21-22 Februarie 2020.


Poster Communications at International Conferences

Gabriela M. Sanda*, Laura Toma*, Teodora Barbălată, Oriana E. Moraru, Loredan S. Niculescu, Anca V. Sima, Camelia S. Stancu. Quantitative and qualitative alterations of plasma clusterin, paraoxonase 1, myeloperoxidase and HDL’s apolipoproteins are aggravated by hyperglycemia in peripheral artery disease patients with diabetes. ePoster at 89th European Atherosclerosis Congress, Online edition, 30 May – 2 June 2021, Atherosclerosis 331: E126-E126, Meeting Abstract P216, 2021.

Laura Toma, Gabriela M. Sanda, Loredan S. Niculescu, Mina Răileanu, Camelia S. Stancu, Anca V. Sima. Fluctuating glucose more than constant high glucose determines the dysfunction of endothelial cells by generating endoplasmic reticulum stress, inflammatory stress, and stimulating proteins controlling transcytosis. ePoster at 89th European Atherosclerosis Congress, Online edition, 30 May – 2 June 2021, Atherosclerosis 331: E64-E64, Meeting Abstract P025, 2021.

Teodora Barbălată, Oriana E. Moraru, Loredan S. Niculescu, Camelia S. Stancu, Maya Simionescu, Anca V. Sima. A panel of miRNAs are associated with post-endarterectomy vascular events in carotid artery stenosis patients. Science at a Glance Session at 88th European Atherosclerosis Congress, Online edition, 4-7 October 2020, Atherosclerosis 315: e77, doi: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2020.10.240, 2020.

Teodora Barbălată, Oriana E. Moraru, Loredan S. Niculescu, Camelia S. Stancu, Maya Simionescu, Anca V. Sima. A panel of circulating miRNAs could predict age-related post-endarterectomy cardiovascular events in carotid artery stenosis patients. Poster communication at 4th MC and WG Meeting of COST Action CA17129 “Catalysing transcriptomics research in cardiovascular disease” (CardioRNA), Maastricht, The Netherlands, 12-14 February 2020.




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