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1970 An idea was born in the minds of Professors Nicolae Simionescu and Maya Simionescu: a research centre for Cell Biology and Pathology should be created in Romania. They initiated this project while in USA at the invitation of Professor George Palade with whom they had a great collaboration for 10 years at the Rockefeller University and Yale University (1970 -1979).

1971 The first draft of the Institute for Cellular Biology and Pathology (ICBP) made by Professors Nicolae Simionescu and Maya Simionescu.

1974 A new building was constructed according to the design, structural and functional planning of Nicolae Simionescu and Maya Simionescu; they also obtained Fulbright fellowships for 12 young investigators to be trained in excellent laboratories in USA. Modern equipment was purchased.

1979 Official Inauguration of the Institute with a Romanian - American Workshop attended by the Nobel Prize Laureates Professors George Palade, Christian de Duve and Gunter Blobel, and by Professors Marilyn Farquhar, David Sabatini, and Werner Franke.

The Institute belonged to the Ministry of Education.
Beginning of specific projects in cell biology and pathology
For the next 15 years, Maya and Nicolae Simionescu have maintained the position of Visiting Professors at Yale University, New Haven and Columbia Universi ty, New York, USA being for three months annually involved in teaching and research. These associations have facilitated continuation of privileged links with USA Universities and outstanding specialists in the field, keeping an open bridge for scientific exchanges and avoid isolation, as well as to obtain fellowships for ICBP researchers. During these years, numerous young investigators from ICBP were trained in prestigious American Universities.

1981 All the Romanian research funds were cut.
First application for a 3-year competitive grant to the National Institute of Health (NIH)-USA was successful.

1982 Professor Nicolae Simionescu founded the Romanian Society for Cell Biology (450 members throughout the country).
First Annual Congress of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology

1983 The second application for a competitive grant from NIH-USA was successful.
Second Romanian-American Workshop on" Cell Biology of the Vessel Wall".

1985 Third Romanian American Workshop on" Cellular and Molecular Events in Atherogenesis".

1986 The third application for a competitive grant from NIH-USA was successful.

1989 Fourth Romanian American Workshop on "Pathobiochemistry of the Arterial Wall"


1990 ICBP was affiliated to the Romanian Academy.
ICBP became Member Institution of the UNESCO Global Network for Molecular and Cell Biology (UNESCO-MCBN).

1991 Two collaborative grants (for 3 years) with Prof. Samuel Silverstein and Prof. David Stern from Columbia University, New York, USA, obtained by competition from FIRCA-NIH-USA.
Therefore, between 1981-1993 the research program of ICBP was mainly supported by competitive grants from NIH-USA.

1993 Funds obtained for collaborations within the European Community.

1995 Professor Nicolae Simionescu left this world. In his memory, the Institute is named ICBP „Nicolae Simionescu".
Professor Maya Simionescu became the director of the Institute.


1996 The Institute was reconfirmed as member Institution of the UNESCO-MCBN.

1997 Grant awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation for a collaborative project.

1999 The Institute was selected Center of Excellence of the Romanian Academy.

2000 ICBP "Nicolae Simionescu" was selected by competition Center of Excellence of the European Community.
The Institute was selected Center of Excellence of the Ministry of Education and Research.

2002 International Workshop "Cardiovascular Dysfunction in Hyperlipidemia and Diabetes" held within the framework of Center of Excellence of the European Community.
Meeting of the COST Action B-17 of the European Community:" Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus in the Elderly".

2004 International Anniversary Workshop - 25 years of activity of the Institute: "Cell and Molecular Biology - a key to defeat global risk diseases".

2005 Grant awarded by the European Community FP6 Specific Support Action:"Strengthening the European Research Area by Reinforcement of Romanian ResearchCompetency in Genomics and Proteomics of Major Global Risk Diseases: Atherosclerosis, Diabetes and its Complications"(SERA). Project Director: MayaSimionescu (950,000 Euro). Within the SERA Project (2005-2008), ICBP organized 14 international Symposia and Workshops, accommodated 113 visits of European and U.S.A. scientists to the Institute and 83 ICBP scientists attended international congresses and inter-laboratory exchanges
International Symposium "Combating Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes"
International Symposium "New Insights in Molecular Medicine"


2006 Inaugural Workshop of the "Cardio-Diabetology Research Reports and Training Unit" Combating Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes".
The 2nd International Congress of Cellular and Molecular Biology held together with the 24th Annual Meeting of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology.
International Symposium „Recent advances in cardio-diabetology".
International Symposium "Advances in Cell and Molecular Biology and Pathology". International Symposium"Cell and Molecular Biology for the Benefit of Cardiovascular Disease"
International Symposium "Advances in gene regulation"
International Symposium "Molecular biomarkers of cardiovascular disease and diabetes"


2007 International Symposium "Advances in Gene Regulation"
International Symposium "Novel Trends in Cell and Molecular Biopathology"
International Symposium "Development of in vitro tests as an alternative to animal experiments"
International Symposium "Stem Cells as therapeutic alternative"
International workshop "Inflammation-dependent vascular remodeling in atherosclerosis".
25th Anniversary of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology - International Workshop " From basic Science to Therapeutic Applications".

2008 International Symposium "Translational Research in Vascular Medicine".
The international Workshop "The promise of stem cell therapy".
International Biomedicine Exploratory Workshop: "Translation of basic research discoveries into therapeutic applications"
International Symposium From gene expression and protein activation to human diseases

2009 The 30th Anniversary Workshop "30 Years on Route from Cell Biology to Molecular Medicine"
International Symposium "Molecular andmetabolic dysfunction in diabetes" part of the COST - Action BM0602 "Adipose tissue: a key target for prevention of the metabolic syndrome".
Grant awarded for the "CARDIOPRO" investment project in RDI infrastructure and related administrative capacity" Extension and modernization of the research infrastructure for increasing competitiveness in the field of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity". Co-funding: European Regional Development Fund - SOP "Increase of economic competitiveness", Priority Axis 2: RTDI for Competitiveness, Operation 2.2.1., Financing contract: 17/01.03.2009, Project Director: Maya Simionescu.


2010 2nd International Workshop „On Route from Stem Cell Biology to Clinical Applications for Cardiovascular Regeneration"
2nd International Congress and the 28th Annual Session of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology
International Biomedicine Exploratory Workshop: "Trends in Stem Cell biology and Embryological Research"


2011 3rd International Congress and the 29th Annual Session of Romanian Society for Cell Biology.


2012 ICBP at the 33rd Anniversary "33 Years on the Road from Cell Biology to Translational and Regenerative Medicine";

Annual Workshop of the FP7 "RAMSES" project: Reinforcement of the Adult stem cell research area through Mobility and Scientific networking between Egypt, Romania and Germany. Project nr. 245691/2010-2013, Bucharest;
4th International Congress and the 30th Annual Session of Romanian Society for Cell Biology;
Workshop "Electron microscopy in Romania" organized together with "Victor Babes" Institute;
Official presentation of the newly created RDI infrastructure, as a result of the CARDIOPRO investment project.


1970 O idee a incoltit in mintile profesorilor Nicolae Simionescu si Maya Simionescu: un centru de cercetare pentru biologie si patologie celulara ar trebui creat in Romania. Ei au initiat proiectul in timp ce se aflau in SUA la invitatia profesorului George Palade cu care au avut o excelenta colaborare timp de 10 ani la universitatile Rockefeller si Yale (1970 -1979).

1971 Prima schita a Institutului de Biologie si Patologie Celulara (IBPC) a fost facuta de profesorii Nicolae Simionescu si Maya Simionescu.

1974 A fost inceputa constructia unei noi cladiri conform cu designul si planurile structurale si functionale ale profesorilor Nicolae Simionescu si Maya Simionescu; ei au obtinut burse Fulbright pentru ca 12 tineri cercetatori sa fie pregatiti in laboratoare excelente din SUA. A fost achizitionat echipament modern de cercetare.

1979 Inaugurarea oficiala a institutului printr-un workshop romano – american la care au participat laureatii  premiului Nobel, profesorii George Palade, Christian de Duve si Gunter Blobel, precum si profesorii Marilyn Farquhar, David Sabatini si Werner Franke. Institutul apartinea de  Ministerul Educatiei. Inceperea unor proiecte specifice de biologie si patologie celulara.

In urmatorii 15 ani Maya si Nicolae Simionescu si-au pastrat posturile de visiting professors la Yale University, New Haven si Columbia University, New York, USA, fiind implicati trei luni pe an in predare si cercetare. Acest lucru a facilitat continuarea unor legaturi privilegiate cu universitatile din SUA si cu remarcabili specialisti din domeniu, pastrand o punte deschisa pentru schimburi stiintifice si impiedicand izolarea, permitand obtinerea de burse pentru cercetatorii din IBPC. In timpul acestor ani numerosi tineri cercetatori din IBPC au fost pregatiti in prestigioase universitati americane.

1981 Toate fondurile romanesti de cercetare au fost taiate. Prima aplicatie pentru obtinerea unui grant competitiv de 3 ani la Institutele Nationale de Sanatate (NIH) – SUA a fost incununata de succes.

1982 Profesorul Nicolae Simionescu a infiintat Societatea Romana de Biologie Celulara (450 de membri in toata tara). A avut loc primul congres anual al acesteia.

1983 Si cea de-a doua aplicatie pentru un grant competitiv la Institutele Nationale de Sanatate (NIH) – SUA a avut succes. S-a desfasurat cel de-al doilea workshop romano – american, cu tema “Biologia celulara a peretelui vascular”.

1985 Al treilea workshop romano – american cu tema “Evenimente celulare si mleculare in aterogeneza”.

1986 Cea de-a treia aplicatie pentru un grant competitiv de la NIH-SUA a avut succes.

1989 Al patrulea workshop romano – american, cu tema “Patobiochimia peretelui arterial.


1990 IBPC a fost afiliat la Academia Romana si a devenit institutie membra a retelei mondiale UNESCO pentru biologie moleculara si celulara (UNESCO-MCBN).

1991 Au fost obtinute prin competitie doua granturi de colaborare (pe 3 ani) cu profesorii Samuel Silverstein si David Stern de la Columbia University, New York, SUA, de la FIRCA-NIH-SUA. Se remarca faptul ca in perioada 1981 – 1993 programul de cercetare al IBPC a fost sustinut financiar in principal de granturile competitive obtinute de la NIH-SUA.

1993 Au fost obtinute fonduri pentru colaborari cu Comunitatea Europeana.

1995 Profesorul Nicolae Simionescu a parasite aceasta lume. In memoria sa institutul se numeste de atunci IBPC “Nicolae Simionescu”.

Profesorul Maya Simionescu a devenit directorul institutului.

1996 Institutul a fost reconfirmat ca institutie membra a UNESCO-MCBN.

1997 Grant acordat de Swiss National Science Foundation pentru un proiect in colaborare.

1999 Institutul a fost selectat Centru de Excelenta al Academiei Romane.

2000 IBPC “Nicolae Simionescu” a fost selectat prin competitie Centru de Excelenta al Comunitatii Europene si de asemenea Centru de Excelenta al Ministerului Educatiei si Cercetarii.

2002 S-a desfasurat worshopul international “Disfunctia cardiovasculara in hiperlipidemie si diabet” in cadrul Centrului de Excelenta al Comunitatii Europene.

A avut loc intrunirea COST Action B-17 a Comunitatii Europene: “Rezistenta la insulina, obezitatea si diabetul zaharat la varstnici”.

2004 Workshopul international aniversar – 25 de ani de activitate a institutului: “Biologia celulara si moleculara – o cale de a invinge bolile de risc globale”.

 2005 Grant acordat de actiunea de support specific FP6 a Comunitatii Europene: “Intarirea domeniului cercetarii europene prin cresterea competentei cercetarii romanesti in genomica si proteomica bolilor de risc major global: ateroscleroza, diabetul si complicatiile sale” (SERA), director de proiect Maya Simionescu (950.000 euro). In cadrul acestui proiect (2005 – 2008) IBPC a aorganizat 14 simpozioane si workshopuri, a gazduit 113 oameni de stiinta din Europa si SUA, iar 83 de cercetatori au participat la congrese internationale si schimburi intre laboratoare.Simpozionul international “Combaterea bolilor cardiovasculare si a diabetului”. Simpozionul international “Noi perceptii in medicina moleculara”.



2006 Workshopul inaugural al “Unitatii de raportare si pregatire in cercetarea cardio – diabetologica”: “Combaterea bolilor cardiovasculare si a diabetului”. Al 2-lea Congres international de biologie celulara si moleculara tinut impreuna cu A 24-a sesiune anuala a Societatii Romane de Biologie celulara. Simpozionul international “Progrese recente in cardio – diabetologie”. Simpozionul international “Progrese in biologia si patologia celulare si moleculare”. Simpozionul international “Biologia celulara si moleculara in beneficiul bolilor cardiovasculare”. Simpozionul international: “Progrese in reglarea genica”.

Simpozionul international: “Biomarkeri moleculari ai bolii cardiovasculare si diabetului”.


2007 Simpozionul international “Progrese in reglarea genica”. Simpozionul international “Tendinte noi in biopatologia celulara si moleculara”. Simpozionul international “Dezvoltarea de teste in vitro ca alternativa la experimentele pe animale”. Simpozionul international “Celulele stem ca alternativa terapeutica”. Workshopul international “Remodelarea vasculara dependenta de inflamatie in ateroscleroza”.

A 25-a aniversare a Societatii Romane de Biologie Celulara – Workshopul international “De la stiinta fundamentala la aplicatiile terapeutice”.


2008 Simpozionul international “Cercetarea translationala in medicina vasculara”. Workshopul international “Sperantele terapiei cu celule stem”. Workshopul international exploratoriu de biomedicina: “Translatia descoperirilor cercetarii fundamentale la aplicatiile terapeutice”.

Simpozionul international “De la expresia genica si activarea proteica la patologia umana”.

2009 Al 30-lea workshop aniversar “30 de ani pe drumul de la biologia celulara la medicina moleculara”.

Simpozionul international “Disfunctia moleculara si metabolica in diabet”, parte a COST – Action BM 0602 “Tesutul adipos: o tinta cheie pentru prevenirea sindromului metabolic”.

Grant acordat pentru proiectul de investitii ‘CARDIOPRO” in infrastructura RDI si capacitatea administrativa inrudita: “Extinderea si modernizarea infrastructurii de cercetare pentru cresterea competitivitatii in domeniul bolilor cardiovasculare, diabetului si obezitatii”. Cofinantator: Fondul de Dezvoltare European Regional – SOP “Cresterea competitivitatii economice”, axa prioritara 2: RTDI pentru competitivitate, operatiunea 2.2.1., contract de finantare: 17/ 01.03.2009, director de proiect Maya Simionescu.


2010 Al 2-lea workshop international “Pe drumul de la biologia celulei stem la aplicatiile clinice pentru regenerarea cardiovasculara”.

Al 2-lea Congres international si A 28-a Sesiune anuala a Societatii Romane de Biologie Celulara.

Workshopul international de biomedicina exploratorie: “Tendinte in biologia celulei stem si cercetarea embriologica”.

2011 Al 3-lea Congres international si A 29-a sesiune anuala a Societatii Romane de Biologie Celulara.



2012 IBPC la A 33-a aniversare: “33 de ani pe drumul de la biologia celulara la medicina translationala si regenerativa”.Workshopul annual al proiectului RAMSES din cadrul FP7: “Intarirea domeniului cercetarii celulei stem adulte prin mobilitate si retea stiintifica intre Egipt, Romania si Germania”. Proiect nr.245691/2010-2013, Bucuresti.

Al 4-lea Congres international si a A 30-a Sesiune anuala a Societatii Romane de Biologie Celulara.

Workshopul “Microscopia electronica in Romania”, organizat impreuna cu Institutul “Victor Babes”. Prezentarea oficiala a nou createi infrastructuri RDI, rezultat al proiectului de investitii CARDIOPRO.