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Proiect TE 2018-2020: Nr. grant: PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2016-1592, Nr. contract: 3/2018, perioada de desfasurare: 2.05.2018-30.04.2020


Raport etapa 2 -2019


Raport etapa 1 -2018






Irina Titorencu, PhD- project director

Ana Maria Rosca, PhD- member

Vasile Pruna, PhD- member

Raluca Tutuianu, PhD student- member

Andreea Luminita Radulescu – member, new employee, part time

Dissemination 2020


*AM Rosca, R Tutuianu, I Titorencu. Advances in Skin Regeneration and Reconstruction. In Frontiers in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research, 2020, Volume 9 9, 143-187.

*Tutuianu R, Rosca AM, Albu Kaya MG, Pruna V, Neagu TP, Lascar I, Simionescu M, Titorencu I. Mesenchymal stromal cell-derived factors promote the colonization of collagen 3D scaffolds with human skin cells. J Cell Mol Med. 2020 Jul 14, in press.


Dissemination 2019


Ana-Maria Rosca, Raluca Tutuianu, Vasile Pruna,Tiberiu P. Neagu, Ioan Lascar, Maya Simionescu, Irina Titorencu. Mesenchymal stromal cells-derived exosomes – mediators in skin wound healing, poster presented at “The 11th National Congress with International Participation and the 37th Annual Scientific Session of the Romanian Society of Cell Biology, Constanta, Romania, 20-23 June 2019. Abstract was published in Book of abstracts, no. 45, pg. 127.

A.M. Rosca, R. Tutuianu, V. Pruna,M.G. Albu Kaya,T.P. Neagu, I. Lascar, M. Simionescu, I. Titorencu, Mesenchymal stromal cells-derived factors improve the colonization of collagen 3D scaffolds with skin cells, presented atthe Simposium “An incredible 40-year journey to uncover cell’s secrets for the benefit of human health”, Bucharest,19-20 September 2019. 

Oral presentation

Irina Titorencu and Maya Simionescu. Bone-marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells enhance the regenerative potential of skin cells, Modern Biotechnological Advances for Human Health, 28-31 May, 2019 Bucharest


Papers under review

R. Tutuianu, A.M. Rosca, M.G. Albu Kaya, V. Pruna,T.P. Neagu, I. Lascar, M. Simionescu, I. Titorencu,Mesenchymal stromal cells-derived factors boost the colonization of collagen 3D scaffolds with human skin cells, submitted to Acta Biomaterialia, impact factor 6.7

R. Tutuianu, G. Florea, A.M. Rosca, M. Iacomi, L. Radulescu,I. Titorencu, Isolation and characterization of myofibroblasts from hypertrophic scar, submitted to Rom J Morphol Embryol., impact factor 1.5


Dissemination 2018


Ana-Maria Rosca, Raluca Tutuianu, Ioan Lascar, Irina Domnica Titorencu. Mesenchymal stromal cells derived exosomes as tools for chronic wound healing therapy. Accepted for publication at Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology, IF 0.912.



Ana-Maria Rosca, Raluca Tutuianu, Vasile Pruna, Irina Titorencu. Organotypic culture of human keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts as 3d full-thickness skin model. Poster presented at “Al 10-lea Congres National cu Participare Internationala si a 36-a Sesiune Stiintifica a Societatii Nationale de Biologie Celulara” organized at Craiova, 6-9 June 2018. Abstract published in Bulletin of Romania Society for Cell Biology no. 46, Page 93.


Ana-Maria Rosca, Vasile Pruna, Raluca Tutuianu, T.Paul Neagu, Ioan Lascar, Maya Simionescu, Irina Titorencu. Dermal fibroblasts as new players in regenerative therapy. Poster presented at “The 12th Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference", 24-26 October 2018, Bucharest. Abstract published in Book of Abstracts, page 108.



TRAINING STAGE for PhD student- University Medical Center Utrecht, Regenerative Medicine Center